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Concept to Prototype Design, Production Services, Board Design, PCB Design, Validation, PCB CAD/CAM Services, Testability Analysis, Design for Testability, Board Support Packages (BSP) on VxWorks/Lynx/QNX/Linux/ RTLinux, Device Drivers.
At Anuva we pride ourselves in delivering what you imagine! For end to end solution for new product development or upgrading an existing product do come to us and we provide complete solutions.
With wide experience with popular microprocessor architectures like PowerPC, XScale, MIPS, Network Processors, and Ethernet switch devices in industry standard form factors such as VME, PXI, cPCI, PMC, IP Core, PCMCIA, PCI Express.
Board level testers, System level testers, Check out systems, Go/No Go testers for complete units based on standard hardware on PXI, cPCI platforms, customized hardware as needed.


Anuva Technologies is a Singapore based company with fully equipped design facilities in the Silicon Valley of Asia, Bangalore, India. With a fully qualified and experienced design team, we will be able to deliver your design ideas on time every time. You conceptualize and we deliver the product fully meeting your specifications. With over 700 man years of design experience in Embedded Systems, Hardware and Software designs, design and configuring of test systems, we will work with you as your extended arm in delivering Solutions to you.

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