PCB Design

We at Anuva provide custom Schematic design, Layout and  printed circuit board design of customer designs, PCB layout and routing for power, analog, digital, and mixed-signal boards. We can provide you with ready to fab Gerbers or we can deliver fabricated PCBs as per requirements.( Please refer our capabilities under PCB Fabrication)

We undertake full cycle of PCB design – Schematic capture, Placement, Routing, testability analysis, etc. Our engineers are well versed in

  • High Layer Count PCB
  • Blind, Buried, and Micro Via
  • Mixed-Signal Design
  • High-Power Circuit Design
  • High-Speed Design
  • Micro-BGA and BGA
  • Single Ended and Differential Controlled Impedance lines
  • Matched Trace Length
  • EMI/EMC Compliance (MIL Specs where required)

PCB Fabrication

We have partners with state of the art manufacturing facilities in USA, Taiwan, South Korea, Israel, Hong Kong who have been working with us for more than 15 years.

  • Rigid PCB
  • Rigid-Flex PCB
  • Flex PCB

Details Capability
Max PCB Layers 64
Max Board Size 43inches X 26inches
Max. Board Thickness 394mil
Min. Board Thickness 12mil
Min. Core Thickness 2mil
Max. Final Copper  Thickness Inner Layer 12oz
Outer Layer 12oz
Min. Line Width/Scace 2.5mil/2.5mil
Min. CNC Drilling Size 4mil
Min. Laser Drilling Size 3mil
Min. PAD. Size Inner Layer 5.5mil
Outer Layer 6mil
Details Unit Production Prototype
Min line Width/Space um 40/40 40/40
Max laver count 30 30
Min. Board Thickness mm 0.1 0.1
Min. CCL Thickness um 40 40
Min. Build-Up Thickness um 40 40
Max Micro-via / Land PAD Design um 400/600 400/600
Max Micro-via / Land PAD Design um 75/225 75/225
Max Aspect Ratio um 1:1 1:1
Details Capability Remarks
Material Flex Adhesiveless FCCL
Rigid Mid to High Tg, LF, HFPL High Frequency
Low Flow Epoxy Adhesive Series Acrylic adhesive series
Cover Layer Epoxy Adhesive Series Acrylic adhesive series
Layers Max 10R+16F+10R F- Flex


Min 1R+1F
Thickness Thickness Min 0.4mm
Tolerance Min +/- 0.05mm
Copper Thickness Inner Layer ½-2Oz Base copper
Outer Layer ½ Oz – 2Oz
Details Capability Remarks
Material FCCL Adhesiveless FCCL
Stiffener Mid to High Tg, LF, HFPL High Frequency
Adhesive Sheet Epoxy Adhesive Series Acrylic adhesive series
Cover layer Epoxy Adhesive Series Acrylic adhesive series Mainly Acrylic Adhesive series
Layers FPC 10
Finished Thickness Thickness Min 0.5mm Single Sided FPC
Tolerance Min +/- 0.03mm
Copper Thickness Inner Layer 1/3 -1 Oz Base copper
Outer Layer 1/3 Oz – 2Oz Base Copper
Finished Size Min 5mm x 5 mm
Max 500mm x 1000mm
Min Line Width / Space Inner Layer 2 mil / 2mil Finished Copper Hoz
Outer Layer 2 mil/ 2 mil Finished Copper 1oz
Finished Drilling CNC Drill Min Φ 0.15mm
Laser Drill Min Φ 0.05mm CO2 Laser Drill
Aspect Ratio CNC Drill Max 1.2:1 Φ 0.1mm Blind Via
Laser Drill Max 18:1  Φ 0.3 mm
Dielectric Thickness FCCL Min 0.0125mm
Routing Tolerance Laser Routing +/- 0.005mm UV Laser Cutting
Punching Min 0.05mm Walking Wire Steel Mould
Surface Finish ENIG, Gold Flash, HASL/HASL Lead Free, OSP, Immersion Tin, EPENIG, Immersion Silver, Plating Sn-Cu