Multi Function Display (MFD)


We undertake repair and refurbishment of 5×5 MFD and 6×6 MFD of Sukhoi-30MK* (Su-30MK*). We can replace the complete LCD module  with the backlight (LAM) to give a better graphics performance and also power savings by more than 50%. The LCD will use LED backlighting instead of CFL tubes used in the OEM equipment. We replace only the LCD Module (LAM) keeping rest of the power supply and other electronics including the Bezel switches etc. The repaired unit will be a complete drop-in replacement for the OEM MFD with no changes to form, fit and function.

The repaired MFDs have been flown on SU-30 and has passed all tests on board the aircraft in both day and night modes. The repaired unit meets or betters all technical and environmental specifications of the OEM.

For detailed Specifications, please contact us at : sales(at)