Airborne Data Recorder


  • Fully MIL qualified Airborne Data Recorder
  • High Speed Recording/Playback at 600MB/sec
  • Total Storage capacity 2TB with Solid State Disks expandable to 4TB
  • Data Interface: Multiple Fiber Optics
  • Data Input: sFPDP. Other options available
  • Supports 4 sFPDP channels
  • Data transfer from recording hardware to storage thru high speed backplane on PCIe
  • OS Support: VxWorks
  • Built-in Application for Recording/Playback and Control functions
  • Custom Application development supp or t thru XML RPC

High Speed Airborne Recording and Playback System is built around Curtiss Wright Controls Defense Systems Vortex® Recorder Blades. The data recorder has a 4 channel sFPDP card which serves as the data input for the Recorder. The Data Recorder has Serial, Giga Bit Ethernet and 2 x Fiber Channel ports available to the external world through the front panel connectors. The Airborne Data Recorder is built in such a way that the Thermal Management of the heat generated inside the unit is well taken care of by thermal overlays which bring out the thermal energy to the side plates through wedge locks. The user has the option of using the rear mounted fan or use the recorder without the fan thus reducing the depth of the unit. The unit can take both 28V DC and 115V 400Hz Single Phase AC power supply as input.

Recorder Blade

  • 2 XMC /PMC sites
  • Dual Gbit Port
  • Based on 667MHz PPC 440
  • 512MB DDR2

sFPDP Interface

  • 4 – 2.5Gbps fiber optic transceivers
  • Supports 1.0625, 2.125 and 2.5Gbps serial data rates
  • 64Mbytes DDR2 buffering per channel
  • PMC supports 133MHz PCI-X

Solid State Storage

  • 6U VXS 2TB removable Storage cartridge
  • 8 – SSD Disks of 256GB each.
  • Expandable to 4TB with 512GB disks (when available)
  • High Speed SATA on VXS backplane


  • Supports all Hardware Functionalities
  • Custom Application Development with XML RPC
  • Supports simple web based recorder, advanced web based recorder, Remote Client controlled Recorder
  • Utility Tools like User administration, data log settings, Disk Configuration, Offline Data viewer