Image Area : 5.00 X 5.00 inches;  (127.0 x 127.0 mm)

Glass Footprint : 5.520 X 5.47 inches; (140.2 x 138.9 mm)

Resolution : 618 x 618 lines

Image : Raster starts at upper left corner; .20” (5.8mm) down and; .27” (6.9mm) to the right; See notes for further technical data

Weight : 2 KG

Power Requirements : Max 2.0A @ 12VDC

Interface : VGA; USB

Environmental : 0 – 50°C

Switch No. USB Codes
1 A
2 B
3 C
4 D
5 E
6 G
7 H
8 I
9 J
10 K
11 M
12 N
13 O
14 P
15 Q
16 R
17 S
18 T
19 U
20 V
21 W
MFD  Circular


Symbol Description
A PCR Red, analog
B PCG Green, analog
C PCB Blue analog
D ID2 Reserved for monitor ID bit 2 (grounded)
E DGND Digital ground
X AGND Analog ground red
Y AGND Analog ground green
Z AGND Analog ground blue
a DDC_5V +5V power supply for DDC (optional)
b DGND Digital ground
F ID0 Reserved for monitor ID bit 0 (grounded)
G DDC_SDA DDC serial data
H HS_IN Horizontal sync or composite sync, input
J VS_IN Vertical sync, input
K DDC_SCL DDC serial clock
n Shield
V VBus +5V
U D- Data-
T D+ Data+
S GND Ground
W Shield
Power Supply
m Vin 12V
r GND Ground