Wideband Digital Recorder

  • Acquisition of 70MHz , bandwidth ± 20MHz ( in phased manner) .
  • Digitize and record the complex data.
  • Dynamic range is 70 dB. Recording range is 0dBm to -70dBm.
  • Extensive recording duration of four hours at 40MHz bandwidth.
  • Analog Replay of the recorded signal at 70MHz IF.
  • Digital Replay FFT of the recorded signal displayed on remote controller.
  • Output signal level is 0 dBm to -70dBm.
  • Transfer the recoded data to any remote PC through LAN.
  • Adaptive sample rate selection with bandwidth opted.
  • Auto file-name generation with task details and time stamp.
  • Text annotation with the recording file.
  • Time sync with IRIG-B Time code.
  • Over write facility when recording media is filled up.
  • Loop back facility.
  • Remote controllability.
  • Backup facility and Deletion of selected file/files.

Wide Band Digital Recorder performs Recording and Replay of the intercepted signals at 70MHz IF with maximum bandwidth of ±20MHz. Recorded Data is stored in Solid State Disks housed in Rugged Disk Crate. WBDR system is built with 3U VPX COTS modules in 19” Rack mountable chassis. System is controlled though Gigabit Ethernet LAN. Replay feature of WBDR enables analog reconstruction of the recorded signal back to the 70MHz IF. System is made user friendly by providing sophisticated remote controllability.

Mechanical Specifications

A B +
2 Size & Weight 19” wide mountable rack & 20 Kg, maximum
3 Temperature 0 to + 50°C with Air-cooled enclosure
4Power Input230 V AC with Built-in power supply converter.


System Specifications

A B +
2 Number of Channels One 70 MHz IF channel (With IF In and IF Out)One 10 Gigabit Ethernet for time stamping and indexing
3 Channel Bandwidths for record / replay 40, 20,10, 5, 2.5, 1.25 and 0.625 MHz, Selectable
4Filter for selected BWOptimized (internal) anti-alias filters
5Record DurationFour hours minimum for 40 MHz signal BW.
6Digital Recording / Replay TechnologyDigital conversion recording and replay.
7Data Storage MediaCOTS Solid State housed in rugged Disk Crate
8Recording FormatStored on disk in a continuous I/Q format
9Data Back-up / transfer / archivingTo any remote machine over LAN.
10Input/Output Impedance50 Ohms
11Input Level-70 to +0 dBm in 1 dBm steps for full-scale recording
12Output Level0 dBm into 50 Ohms (from full-scale recording)
13Frequency Response± 1.5 dB across selected bandwidth
14Spurious free dynamic range> 60 dBc
15Reference FrequencySampling shall be locked to a stable internalreference frequency or to an external source.
16Spurious free dynamic range> 60 dBc
17Signal MonitoringSpectrum monitoring of the recording signal shouldbe displayed on the Remote Controller System
18IRIG-B Time codeSeparate additional record / playback channel shallbe provided for IRIG-B time code. Automaticsynchronization to external reference is essential
19Remote Controlvia 10 / 100 Base-T Ethernet
20Record loopingThe recorder to simulate a continuous endless looprecorder. Overwriting of redundant data commencesonce the max. capacity of the disk array hasreached. The recording to completely transparent.
21Reproduce loopingConfigure the recorder to play back selected passages of recorded data in an endless loop.
22Software UtilityWindows GUI for remote control and data extraction.